भूतों के देश में: आईसलैंड : Bhooton ke desh mein: Iceland (खिलंदर साहित्य)

In the mysterious land of witchcraft and magic, a passage through ghosts and trolls in an unpredictable land – Iceland. Author’s passage through terrains of Iceland and its culture is a thrilling experience told in chaste Hindi. Book is not essentially a ghost story but a journey through this weird land. The land of erupting volcanoes, splitting landscape, constant seismic waves and the earthquakes, snow-storms, and the sheer silence of the barren snow-covered land. A hidden abode of vikings which still speaks the language of vikings, lives on the edges, bathing in the volcanic lakes, and believing in the ghosts. The land where roads just seem to disappear and reappear from nowhere, leaving one virtually nowhere. A journey which takes to the ‘Game of thrones’ turning the traveller into a viking himself.

#bestseller book – http://amzn.to/2D0SLzr

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