Book Review : Chamanlal Kee Diary (Hindi)



Dr. Pravin Kumar Jha aka Vamagandhi has come out with a collection of satirical articles with his eponymous book (translation : Chamanlal’s Diary) that the author classifies as “Khilandar Sahitya“. Vamagandhi being on WordPress (here’s the blog), I got a review copy from the author himself. The book is in chaste Hindi and much as it seems weird to review it in English, let’s dive into it.

Chamanlal is an alias or alter-ego for the author whose travels and travails throughout the country and beyond have provided him experiences that make for good reading that’s equally hilarious and dark at times. The book is divided into 20 chapters, each standalone and drawing from some part of the contemporary Indian landscape. Some of the descriptions or words used are downright casteist or communalist but for a diary, this should be taken as standard fare. One cannot, and should…

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2 thoughts on “Book Review : Chamanlal Kee Diary (Hindi)

  1. A kilodiary with a few blemishes!

    Now that’s what I call a vast and in some ways magnificent, though not problem-free-joyride. With Chamanlal Kee Diary, Dr. Praveen Jha along with his pseudonym ‘VamaGandhi’ have created a remarkable satirical illustration covering different facets of life involving prevailing Indian society in a chuck load of humour. Kudos to the author to have come out with craftily written 20 short stories knitted splendidly in one book. Each story is crackerjack of a master stroke, racy, and pleasant to read on any given day or point in time. A few blemishes one perhaps comes across while reading are the book in totality seems underedited, and a couple of narrations here and there being overly exaggerated. Having said that, the book has got B-E-S-T-S-E-L-L-E-R written all over it. Go for it. Highly recommended!!

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