Sex bole toh!

When we conquered polio and kicked off leprosy, the featuring gigantic billboard at my hospital entrance jubilantly announced,

“Condom kabb kabb, Youn sambandh jabb jabb” (Use condom whenever you do sex).

This ad replaced “Do boond zindagi ke” and other boring middle-class polio-malaria ads. City of Pune was class ahead with soaring AIDS patients count. And mind you, they weren’t barbar-infected ones or drug needle ones but 100 % quality assured Sexually transmitted disease.

In fact, HIV is royal in that sense. It doesn’t spread much by barbar-razor. Drug needle sharing, yes! Vaginal intercourse with AIDS infected person, yes! Anal intercourse, HIV loves it!!

But, beyond these royal sexual pleasures, I witnessed a slum in Pune with every Tom, Dick and Harry as well kids of Tom, Dick and Harry infected with disease. Smiling innocent kids and victims of born ultimatum. Their fathers never heard of condom, even when government had installed more condom outlets than toilets in slum.

Well, in one of the questionnaires, man replied that he doesn’t use it because it is tasteless and difficult to chew. Definitely, he never youtubed Sunny Leone with banana demo of condom use (Please watch it if you haven’t). Our government sevikas distributed condom in every shack of slum, but could never explain how to use it.

Let’s come out of filth of slum, and hit the happening clubs and rave parties. Thankfully, everyone is perfect in condom use, with condom nicely snugged in wallet just beneath their passport sized photos. Not joking. When office clerk asks for a photo, condom pops out. But, then one fine day, condom doesn’t just pop out. In middle of sexual foreplay, he remembers his supply is over. Takes a chance and Fatakkk! The damage is done.

I would say its not just desi (indian) problem. Sex is quite a stigma in India, and almost 80% of youth don’t have it before they turn 30. People after 50 rarely have it, including married couples. Kids sleeping between the couples are the greatest contraceptives. And women busy in kitchen chorus lose the desire. Sexual catastrophes including teenage pregnancy are still the issues of occidental west. Its surely easier to conquer them than polio and malaria in India, if people just don’t chew off the condom.

Learn, educate and implement.

Watch “Fatak” to begin with as poet Gulzar puts it,

“ये इश्क नहीं आसां, अजी एड्स का खतरा है.

पतवार पहन जाना, ये आग का दरिया है.”

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