The girl from JNU

Only two people I can closely connect to, who had studied in JNU. One, my elder brother in his khaadi kurta and jhola days and other the outspoken lively Bengali girl. While I always had respect for my benevolent smiling bro, I had to debar the  ultra-modern finicky nosy girl for good. 

You know what a ‘shoulder-guy’ is? These are most ascetic people on earth. Girls love to lean on their shoulder after each break-up, and he carries unselfishly till they shift the batons. Undoubtedly, a devout Gandhian was one of the best shoulder on earth. People say Gandhi practiced celebacy living with bunch of women. So did Vamagandhi. Unscathed, untouched.

Coming back to JNU girl. She would break-up in few days, sometimes hours, improving every day. Quickest I remember was the poor guy who barely survived 20 minutes of breakfast with her. I am sure she would have bettered her records. Out of touch for long, got to know she got married. Before I could wish her for happy married life, she was already divorced. Phew! As expected!

“Bengali arranged marriage. Bloody he tried to touch me. I filed divorce.”

“What a husband is supposed to do?” I asked in surprise.

“I can’t handle this. Mujhe chahiye Azaadi!”. I could hear her neurons in background singing, “Jung rahegee, jung rahegee”.

Would Shoulder-man return?

Well, no! Vamagandhi’s shoulders were already pre-occupied with two cute daughters. I blocked her from all possible communications, like a ‘rashtradrohi’ she is.

But, she returned to JNU, after many years of ding-dong life. She spends her evenings at Ganga-Dhaba, on her way to another PhD. (That’s another story, how she carries legacy of three incomplete PhDs in three continents!) 

In one of the circulating videos, may be I could see her. I am sure she would be switching sides, from Afzal Guru to Rashtrabhakts. Thats what she had been doing all her life. None seemed right to her.

Typical JNU girl. Wasn’t she?



The only absolute truth is that there are no absolute truths.

– Paul Feyerabend

11 thoughts on “The girl from JNU

  1. You just couldn’t resist, could you?

    “Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I’m an agent of chaos. Oh, and you know the thing about chaos? It’s fair!”

    -The Joker

  2. Stereotyping, aren’t we? I’ve never crossed path nor swords with a JNU student, but I am sure that not all eggs in that basket are rotten – only a few are, and their stink gives a bad name to the rest.

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