The scheming scrooge (Jugaadus and Kanjars)

Lift or elevator had always been a romantic destination. Gives a ‘hum-tum-ek-kamre-mein-band’ feeling. But, what about lift with a CCTV? A FDA-Approved peeping tom bloody CCTV is. I know its for our benefit and beefing up security. Yet, its like one of those uncles who would advise about our future, still we always wanted to break their teeth. Luckily, I am one of the few in my apartment who knows our CCTV doesn’t work. It never worked and it was just a ‘jugaad‘ to scare off the thieves and lift-kissers, like a fake scare-crow. Don’t give me a nasty grin now! Parents of two ultra-minor daughters rarely get a home-alone lest lift-alone.

For ignorants, ‘jugaad‘ is defined as

an indigenous innovative manoevre to circumvent the maladies of a society infested by rules and discipline.

# While others were queueing up in foreign exchange counters before leaving for US, someone was roaming around Puraani Delhi railway station at a desi-coin counter. Not many knew 50-paise coin (atthannee) exactly resembled american ‘quarter’ coin. Man kept washing his clothes for some ‘chillar‘ from India. Hahaha!! It would have been a sight to watch his landlord counting those ‘atthannis‘.

# Somebody especially asked his tailor to design a torn pocket, so that he could scratch his balls. The ball-scratching design is a hit now.

# How many people use an ipad front camera for shaving?

# Forget the techno age. Who keeps onions in armpits to fake fever?

# Many keep their vans tied with tree like a cattle, because the hand-brakes don’t work.

# Recently saw a pic where somebody was wearing helmet while cutting onions.

# Who can think of dating telemarketing callers while they were selling some mobile data-plan?

I remember the man’s theory was, “Wherever there is a girl, there is an opportunity.” But, even Swami Vivekanand wouldn’t have followed all his sayings.

# A man looks for most boring movie in film reviews, sometimes in languages unknown to him and watches them. Just to catch a good sleep.

# Somebody suggested, If wife gets angry and pledges not to talk, its a good idea to tighten all the jars in kitchen. She would come pleading to help open them.

As always it would get nastier as I end the odd experiences of jugaad.

In cold winter of Delhi, I enter a friend’s room inundated with some lavender fragrance. On his desk next to bed, there were too things- a bottle with yellow liquid, and a strong perfume.

Bloody man had pissed in a bottle because it was too cold outside. Yuckk!

5 thoughts on “The scheming scrooge (Jugaadus and Kanjars)

  1. Hahaha LOL 😀

    The scratching pocket and boring movie one are my favorite LOL 😀

    Happy Diwali 🙂

    LOve and light ❤


  2. Great observations as always. Funny post. The scratching pocket was lol stuff.

    Allow me to share one jugaad story. So some years back this guy and I went for an internship for one month. He was someone who actually prides himself in being a miser and generates innovative ways to save money. So one of his strategies was to save laundry money (or washing powder, if you like). To do that, he used to wear the same pair of underwear for a week.
    After getting sweaty and smelly after a day’s work, he would place his underwear beneath the mattresses before sleeping. The extra heat would dry the undies making them reusable (at least, that’s what he told me).

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