Legends of Desi romance

A street-loafer following the same girl till she gets married; a nerdy studious kid suddenly dipping in grades; a pious turning into drunkard devdas; a girl in tears watching DDLJ; dancing and singing in bathroom; smiling at a whatsapp notification from an old crush; a blogger dishing out boring love saga everyday.

Romance forms a little forbidden core of India, nurturing the grand Indian film industry. Lets look at some icons of desi romance.

# Rajesh Khanna

A yodeling, whistling Rajesh Khanna wooing an attitude-waali Sharmila Tagore transformed the slow-paced romance of 60s. No more slowly walking at a safe distance of 500 meter and singing a monotonous song. Rajesh Khanna brought the joviality in romance with a panache.

Source: cj3b.infon
# Shahrukh khan

While the romance was shifting to macho, angry and bland men snubbing off the female counterparts, Shahrukh khan with his pleading, mischievous yet emotionally charged love transformed the patriarchal romance. Girls would have sleepless night dreaming of some prince charming, and boys would mimic his widely moving arms of embrace.

# Kumar Shanu

Who wouldn’t have sung ‘Dheere dheere se’ while looking at mirror, combing and grooming himself, and lovelorn girl singing ‘Main duniya bhula dungi’? Kumar Shanu with his nasal voice brought a sense of revolt, when many couples would have fled homes and got married; cut their wrist; or atleast written loveletters and kept in their flame’s notebook.

# Ranbir Kapoor

Many would disagree but this man brought the flirting and casual approach which symbolised love of this generation. With his swinging and charming love, Ranbir Kapoor glorified a casanova.

My wife is prompting me to include Hrithik Roshan, so I won’t.

7 thoughts on “Legends of Desi romance

  1. Lol….My wife is prompting me to include Hrithik Roshan, so I won’t. :p
    And love your post…completely agree with you..
    And ranbir kapoor is an amzing actor!! I just hope Tamasha would help his career,especially after Bombay Velvet 🙂

  2. Hahahaha great post 😂
    I don’t like Ranbir Kapoor but I agree with what you say. I was never a Bollywood person but who hasn’t seen them 😀

  3. Great observations! I am slightly cross at you for not mentioning Mithun da, because I remember him taking a knife stab in the stomach for his lady love. Of course nothing happened to him as he already had the foreboding that someone will stab him in the stomach. So he had already hidden a steel rice serving spoon in his belt which deflected the blow.

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