A passage through cults

Faith and beliefs dupe the gullibles, and I had been one of them. Somewhere around my elementary schooling, ‘shakha’ of RSS appealed me. The sheer discipline and adrenergic patriotism was more than an appetite for an enthusiasist kid. I wasn’t allowed to participate, but I did some minion works like getting water, and helping swayamsevi’s most basic needs. Somehow, the tenor of conversations were too bold for this timid kid, and one day I just quit. One of my closest school buddies dragged me into Sathya Sai Baba, the magical godman with majestic Afro hair. My friend became a staunch devotee, later departing to Puttaparti, while I escaped again. Then, came ISKCON, a well organized religious group which appealed me the most among all. My best college buddy joined it, and today he is a spiritual guru associated with it.  Much before dawn, when you dance in temple, and listen to hypnotic bhagvadgita spells, it had addictive attraction. Coming out of it, had been most difficult for me. Another organization which influenced me time and again was Amway corp, a multinational. It made me believe I can excel because of my oratory and convincing capabilities. My dreams leaped and plateaued in short span of time, while my closest people continued. Last one was the political sensation- Aam Aadmi Party, which took me to streets and social media debates. With its debacle, I withdrew, and with its rise I rebound myself. Every day is a new dream. Move on!

Courtesy: Google images

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