Pachapalli dam: Unexplored short trip

Water crisis in Karnataka-Tamilnadu border zone, probably led to many unsuccessful dams. Had been to a dryland with a misnomer of Hesarghatta ‘dam’ earlier, and with this premonition, searched for another dam in surrounding. Well, we do have some water in Pachapalli dam, and thats one of the result of this exploration.

Sunday afternoon around 2.30 pm, thought of driving to TN border in Hosur and see if anything good exists beyond. Google satellite map showed some hilly terrain in vicinity, and took a diversion towards Denkanikottai. Drive took me through a narrow yet smooth ride in villages at TN border. Small hillocks dotting the route, and pleasant summer drive through some floral environ. Its much different from crowded Mysore road or Kanakpura road, with similar scenaries, yet much sparsely inhabited with almost neglegible traffic.

Another diversion takes me towards Pachapalli dam via narrow winding scenic route of some 20 km. This 20 km stretch had been a nice break from boring city drives. Subtle descent from hills, and we began seeing some lake along the road. Its merely for a kilometer, but I would say, thats more than expected in hot summer.